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\n 20th May 2019<\/span>\n Written by a carer<\/span>\n <\/div>\n <\/div>\n\n

I had some concerns for son's overall development and allergy. Dr Mathur is very patient and gives you time to discuss your concerns and the appointment is not rushed and you don't feel that it was all about money ,Exactly how I felt with the previous private appointments.\nI personally feel anyone who works with children has to be noble and benevolent, as for parents every little thing about their child is the most imp and concerning thing and I am glad the doctor had my child's wellbeing as priority and not money. \n\nMr Mathur was also very professional read my sons previous reports and explained everything to us very clearly. He always replied to our mail very promptly and shared reports with us in a very timely manner despite being so busy and that is very very reassuring .\n\nThanks a lot for all your help. \n\nRegards,\nNamrata<\/a><\/p>\n <\/div>\n <\/a>\n \n