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Millbrook Healthcare, Somer House, Great North Terrace, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN5 8HJ


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10th March 2015
Written by a patient

When wheelchair services was run by the NHS, it was much better and when Millbrooks took over it became worse. I had a operation which changed my disability which stopped me from walking. I had in door wheelchair at the time, however I required a indoor/outdoor electric wheelchair to make me Independent so I can access the community and being able to travel in the chair. When I put application form in I was waiting months, so my mum had to complain which involved the GP. When someone did eventually come out from Millbrooks the assor stated I could not have a electric w/c. My mother had to fight for the w/c I required and stated the discrimination act and goverment White papers. My mother eventually won and has now made me independent

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