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Written by a patient
13th May 2017

I was diagnosed with MND a little over a year ago and a short while after was referred to Dorset Wheelchair Services. I had a friendly but indepth assessment and a file was opened regarding my case. It was decided that at that time the supply of a chair was not suitable but as my condition was progressive, the door was left open for me to make contact when ever I thought I needed to be assessed again. That time arrived earlier this year and a prompt appointment was made for me. It was established I now needed a wheelchair and was able to try a number of different electric chairs. When a suitable model was chosen, a new chair was ordered for me. On the day of delivery, Stella and Sue came out with my new chair and did a full indoor and outdoor assessment of the property and gave me a full practical demonstration of the chair. We also went out around the footpaths locally to see how the chair performed. The service was excellent from start to finish and can`t praise highly enough all concerned.

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