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I was referred to DMC Community Dermatology following a bought of prolonged, severe stress last year, which was thought to have caused my hair to thin. It has gradually started to grow back but I wanted to keep the appointment because I thought speaking to a professional would be beneficial. Upon arrival, I was met by a nurse who observed my consultation, which was probably the worst I have had. The nurse was nice, the dermatologist not so much. Within moments of me trying to explain the reason for my hair thinning, it was immediately dismissed and I was diagnosed with something else. No tests were performed apart from a very brief examination of one part of my scalp and no explanation why the dermatologist had arrived at this conclusion. I was not asked for my medical history, nor if there was a hereditary factor. I was not asked about my stress, medication, diet or whether I had any illness at the time of my hair thinning. The dermatologist told me to use Minoxidil and my hair should start to grow back but when I explained that my hair appeared to be growing back already, the dermatologist replied 'then don't take it'. The consultation lasted less than 10 minutes, and I felt as though my opinions were unimportant. The dermatologist was abrupt when I questioned their diagnosis, essentially implying, 'I'm the expert, you're not'. I should have cancelled the appointment, I question the diagnosis, it has left me quite angry and stressed out. As a result of this consultation, I would avoid being treated by DMC in the future.
Written by a patient, 23rd February 2020