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Written by a patient
16th February 2019

Having suffered problems with my knee for years I have had a total knee replacement this week - the surgeon was Mr Jeer and I am delighted that I am up and walking within days and feeling great - pain free at last. The Spencer Wing staff were wonderful and I cannot thank the team enough. Mr Jeer is a specialist knee surgeon and several friends and colleagues have recommended him over the years. I am so happy to have finally had the operation and I am mobile and pain -free from arthritis at last. My scar is neat, I feel wonderful and have walked a kilometre today five days after my operation. I am extremely surprised as I was expecting much worse but I am delighted to report that all is well and I am relieved to be pain free, apart from the post surgery recovery, which is going very well. Thank you Mr Jeer and the Spencer Wing. Five stars and A+ from an ecstatic PE teacher.

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Quality of life
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