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Written by a private patient
22nd February 2022

I had cataract surgery at site for eyes, performed by Mr Danjoux who I know to be a Director of this company, both eyes were operated on at a total cost of £6,600.00. My first operation was on my right eye, worst eye, this went well, my left eye not so well! After preparation for my second operation, left eye, I was wheeled into a waiting area where Mr Danjoux was looking over my file, I felt something was wrong as he seemed to take longer than the last time. Mr Danjoux, spoke with the prep nurse and handed over to her the boxed prescription and asked her to change it for another. After the eye operation I had to return for a check-up, the optician checked both eyes. Right eye no problem I could see the alphabet board, read almost all of it, I was very pleased. The left eye, I could not see any of the alphabet, the board was a complete blur, I became concerned. I was then called into Mr Danjoux, room, he mentioned that he was not happy with the prescription at the time and changed my prescription, now it seemed my left eye was very short sighted, this isn’t a bad thing, he said, see if my eye settles down any problems, I was to contact him. I did contact Mr Danjoux and visited him once again. Mr Danjoux was obviously not happy to see me, I could tell by his manner. I explained that I felt my vision was out of sorts, balance, Mr Danjoux suggested I get some glasses! I went on to explain that I could see reasonably well with my right eye, so if my left eye had a correction, although may not be perfect I’m sure I would be content with that. I told Mr Danjoux that when I cover my left eye, I felt my right eyesight was good, cover my right eye and sight very blurred. Mr Danjoux slapped his hand over his right eye and said is that good, no, slapped his hand over his left eye and said yes that’s much better. Mr Danjoux continued slapping his face several times, I was embarrassed and shocked. Mr Danjoux calmed down and explained that the prescription box is not always accurate. He looked at my file and calmly said the lens is thick enough for laser, I suppose he could do this for about £1,000 to cover costs. Mr Danjoux, suggested that I go think about this, let him know. I could not possibly have this man work on my eye again. I would like my eye tested and corrected somewhere else.

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