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Written by a patient
20th October 2019

Tracy Ellis is a friendly professional in whom you cannot fail to have complete trust. Once diagnosed, my meeting with her could not have n=been more reassuring. She went over every detail of what Prostate Cancer meant, she explained exactly what the treatment was and how it would attempt to combat the disease. She went into detail of possible side effects, what to expect during treatment and the follow up at the end of treatment. She answered, in detail, all the questions I posed, to my complete satisfaction. She gave me confidence going into the course of treatment and I knew that there were going to be no nasty surprises around the corer as she had explained everything. Tracey Ellis and Andrew Hunnisett are a good team, who work in the brilliant Rosemere Centre at The Royal Preston Hospital. They made the journey through the Prostate Cancer treatment a more pleasant experience than it might have been. Thank you very much.

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