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Written by a private patient
20th October 2021

I have a double lumbar spine fusion which contributes to mechanical and muscular spasm, stiffness and ongoing pain in my pelvis, SI joints and lower back. Following cortisone injections into the joints, I was referred to the clinic by a spine consultant for physio and for treatment of fascia-tissue build up. From the start, Emma was sympathetic, developed a plan with me, and importantly gave me confidence that I could significantly improve my range of movement without pain. In addition to her hands-on experience and knowledge, she has a very positive attitude and helped me to get the best out of each appointment with her. Each week she helped me to make incremental physical progress with great tips on how to reduce the fear and anxiety about bending and moving more naturally. The combination of fascia tissue treatment and physio has made a big difference to my range of pain-free movement. I would happily recommend Emma as a first-class physio.

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