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Senior Physiotherapist My background is in both, physiotherapy and sport. My career started in Italy where after getting an honours degree in Sports and Exercises Science I began working as personal trainer in a gym where I could develop skills in motor functional recovery, strength and conditioning, fitness, wellness and body building, I did this for five years. I studied physiotherapy in parallel driven by the holistic ambition of developing as a professional in the field of sport rehabilitation and I completed another honours degree in Physiotherapy and moved to London soon afterwards where I started working dealing with a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders. Through this experience I have developed specific skills in treating and managing neck pain, low back pain, spinal problems and nerve-related injuries. My areas of expertise include sports functional recovery with a specific focus on shoulder, hip, knee and ankle’s injuries, manual therapy, soft tissue massage, kinesio-taping, spinal pain management in acute and chronic conditions and post-operative physiotherapy. The aim of my daily work is to deliver the best treatment possible and to expand my abilities through study, practice and professional challenges. My personal mission statement is “move forward” and I am keen on assisting and helping people to obtain the highest level of quality of life, inspiring and motivating through my friendly personality and my high level of interpersonal skill. At Physio&More I provide a clinical assessment, diagnose, treat and help you rehabilitate through setting the right personal and realistic goals for each person I see and help them achieve their aims. To book an appointment with me please call 020 85466464.


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