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16th December 2017

I didn't make an appointment but, upon arriving at Boots at around 2:15pm today (16th December) I was greeted by very friendly staff members including a gentleman who informed me of a cancellation, meaning I was able to be seen without a booking. Not only that, I was seen to very quickly by 'Matthew Derbyshire' (loved his Playstation Christmas Jumper)-- He was both professional and had a very friendly demeanour :) When I saw the optometrist, 'Nehal', she made me feel both at ease and calm (as I was a wee bit nervous about any potential problems I may have had with my eyes) -- She was very sweet and easy to talk to! Finally, 'Rachel Keys' on the welcome desk was able to honour my £10 voucher for my eye test with no problems and was very helpful when I asked about how to give feedback for the people that had helped me by giving me the information to do so with a smile on her face the whole time. I wouldn't normally give feedback for an eye test but everyone was just so lovely that it would've been rude not to ^^ I hope all the team at Boots have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! P.S. Hope I got all your names right too :3

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