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6th May 2019

The optometrist was very good and informative and very welcoming. I've been a patient since 2016 and have yearly check ups and have seen staff come and go but I was really saddened to see my usual consultant Chanelle no longer works there. Wearing glasses is something I've always been conscious about so finding a consultant who knows and understands my needs and actually cares about helping me was a blessing and a relief and of great importance to me. I did however see a lovely young woman called Georgia who helped me and did her very best, she is a very pleasant young lady and an asset to the team. The lady I believe to be the store manager (she wore a suit in comparison to the normal uniform like the other staff) I found to be very abrupt and rude, not only to me but by the sounds of it she seems to have no respect for the staff. No surprise great consultants are dropping if they are being managed by someone like that.

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Clear Recommendation
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