iWantGreatCare.org TERMS OF USE: 17 and under


  1. Hello, we are iWGC Limited and we run this website. You can find out more about us at the end of this page.
  2. We run this website so that:
    • patients can tell people about the healthcare they have received; and
    • the public can read about the healthcare other people have received.
  3. It’s important that the information you give us is true; untrue information won’t be helpful to others and could even cause damage or upset.
  4. On this page, we’ll explain the rules we expect everyone to follow when they give us information. These rules are based on law in England and Wales.
  5. By using the website, you are agreeing to follow our rules. If you don’t feel like you can follow our rules, please don’t use the website, or give us any kind of information, rating or review – even a paper copy.
  6. If you are under 13 years old, please get permission from a parent or guardian before using this website.


  1. When we say ‘give us information’ we mean posting on this website, giving us a rating or review (online or a paper copy) or answering questions. It also includes linking to another website or sharing information or an opinion with us in any other way.
  2. By using our website to give us information, you promise that you will:
    1. be fair and honest, and give your own opinion based on your personal experiences
    2. be kind, respectful and tolerant
    3. not repeat rumour or gossip
    4. not give us information about a person, organisation, service or medicine, if you are or have been involved in an investigation, complaint or claim about them
    5. respect the privacy of others
    6. respect any rights or laws which apply to the information you’re sharing
    7. not try to influence a rating, review or opinion given by anyone else or encourage someone to give us information which isn’t their own honest opinion
    8. only give us any information about yourself which you are happy to have shared on our website
    9. not give us information about anyone except yourself and a healthcare professional you are rating or reviewing
    10. not pretend to be someone else, or to be connected to a person or organisation when you’re not
    11. not promote, advertise or sell anything
    12. not post or link to anything which contains a computer virus or dangerous code.
  3. We don’t have to publish all the information we’re given on this website and we may delete, remove, block, disable access to, and change any information on this website at any time without warning or explanation.


  1. Healthcare workers are welcome to post their own information on this website, and to contact us to update any incorrect information.
  2. They can’t give us any feedback about the place they work, except if we have asked them for staff feedback.
  3. They can’t rate or review themselves, and you must not give us any information about a healthcare worker from your family.
  4. If a healthcare worker posts a rating or review of themselves on this website, or asks a family member to, we may:
    1. report them to their professional body; and
    2. share what they have done on this website.


  1. It is up to us to decide if any of our rules have been broken and what to do about it. If we think you have broken our rules we can:
    1. block you from this website or give you a warning
    2. remove or change information on this website, and refuse to publish any information you give us
    3. take you to court, or claim back any money we have lost
    4. pass on your information (such as your email and IP addresses) to law enforcement agencies, regulators and others.
  2. We don’t have to act straight away if someone breaks our rules.


  1. This website and its content are protected by certain rights and laws (like copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights). When you give us information, you are agreeing that:
    • we can use that information however we like. We might want to copy, translate, change and publish it and allow others to do so too.
    • all information you give us is your own work and hasn’t been copied, and won’t damage someone’s reputation.
    • anyone you name, or who could be identified from the information, has agreed to the information being shared (if they are under 16, their parent or guardian should have agreed).
  2. If you would like to share any of the information on this website with someone, please direct them to the website instead of copying the information.
  3. You must not make any money from using the information on this website.
  4. You can share a short quote (no more than 30 words) from this website and link to this website in another review as long as it doesn’t break these rules.
  5. iWantGreatCare is the trading name of iWGC Limited. You must not use "iWantGreatCare" as part of a trademark or domain name, without our permission in writing. You can read, print and download the information on this website for your personal use.


  1. We want the information on this website to be as accurate as possible. If you would like to correct anything or have a concern about information on this website, please email dpo@iwantgreatcare.org or use the "Report this review" link on this website.
  2. Please read our Privacy Notice to find out how you can find out what information we hold about you.


  1. Most of the information on this website has been shared with us by people just like you, and the opinions given are theirs not ours.
  2. We want the information on this website to be as up to date and helpful as possible, but we’re not responsible for any issues caused by out of date or incomplete information on this website.
  3. We can make changes to the information on this website at any time without warning.
  4. We sometimes include links to other websites, which will take you away from our website. This doesn’t mean we recommend them, and we aren’t responsible for the content you might find on another website.
  5. These Terms and conditions do not affect our responsibility for death or personal injury caused by our carelessness or dishonesty.


  1. We can change our rules at any time by updating this webpage. Come back to this page whenever you use this website, or give us any information, to check the most up to date rules. Our updated rules apply as soon as we have updated this webpage. Last updated 23 June 2022.


  • We are a limited company registered in England and Wales.
  • Our company registration number is 06632290.
  • Our VAT number is 940 6825 16
  • Our registered office is at Suite 16, Cromwell Business Centre, Fairfax House, Cromwell Park, Banbury Road, Chipping Norton, OX7 5SR.
  • You can contact us by phone on +44 (0) 1608 868 428.
Privacy Notice: 17 and under


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Privacy Notice: 18 and over