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Written by a patient
4th January 2017

I was admitted to ward 1 on the 19th September 2016 was on that ward just a day after surgery I was taken to ward 7 . No complaints about the surgery or the after care. My complaint is that on most visting times 3-8 most people stayed the whole time . Most time there were 20 people visiting to a ward that house 8 beds . The kids were obviousley bored so they were on and off beds not very hygienic for a hospital ward. I belive there should only be 2 visitors only at one time . I was very poorly after my op and I would have liked time to recover peacefully that just was not the case. Also the nurses were moving round people to do the obs not satisfacory at all. This should be looked at urgently so at least patients can get the rest they need. Also the food was appalling the most I ate in the week I was in was a weetabix at breakfast. I returned home rather thin.

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