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Written by a NHS patient
19th June 2024

With multiple conditions, I’ve been under many teams in different hospitals, and my treatment under CEMIG for surgery here has been a positive experience like no other - I found the care at the hospital to be outstanding, and truly patient-focused, which has unfortunately been a rarity prior to this. A few examples to note: As well as having a brilliant bedside manner, the way that my anaethetist Alenka Miles spoke to her collleages in the anaesthetic room with such kindness and respect enabled me to feel like I was in safe hands. I also felt like I had a say on decisions made going into surgery, that I was heard and never minimised. One nurse (Thomas) in recovery, on knowing about my sensory needs (I’m autistic) drew the curtains for me, and when I was tearful reassured me I could be however I needed to and that I was in a ‘safe space’ - words really matter and I am beyond appreciative that he took time to voice this. My other recovery nurse (Tofty) also took so much time and care to support me, and was so kind. I stayed for 2 nights in Robin Ward and the atmosphere was again one largely filled with softness, kindness and respect - I was never made to feel like an inconvenience or rushed out. From this experience I would say other hospitals could learn some lessons from St Peter’s and my long journey here was ultimately well worth it.