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On 3 March Mr Unithan , consultant orthopaedic surgeon, replaced my left knee joint. That was on a Tuesday and I was weight carrying, mobile and allowed home on the Friday. About a week later I saw Nabila, a physiotherapist, who . knowing that I had had my right knee replaced some five years earlier, had a good idea of where we were going. An illustrated list of exercises was supplied. On 23 March things went silly and follow ups were not possible face to face so telephone consultations were the only option. Things have progressed, I had no significant pain at any time, and my range has expanded. At some time I did talk to Mr Unithan and he was very satisfied with my progress, although I had reservations from previous experience - but then I was a good five years younger. My huge thanks to everybody on the team . At 12 weeks my range is a good four miles. My new knee is working well (although other parts of me are showing effects of arthritis). - thumbs particularly.

3rd June 2020