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30th January 2021

Came to A&E with letter from private doctor with own XRay to see nominated doctor who had been phoned before our arrival. Entered A&E approx 4pm. My wife had a broken humerus in her left arm. No one saw her. She fainted. Was put in bed lying down which is the worst position with a broken arm. She was not given even a cup of tea. She phoned me and I returned at about 7pm to lodge a complaint. My family phoned perhaps about 8 -14 times and got no information - cut off phone, left hanging with no response or information even when someone answered the phone. She was given a blood test and another XRay. Doctor saw her after midnight which is 8 hours after her admittance. When she was sitting in the front room awaiting my arrival she asked for some water and was told there was no water available. She had to ask a stranger to hand her the bag which was on the back of the wheel chair so that she could have some of the tea which my family had taken to her. She was discharged with absolutely no information as to what she should do or not do but was given painkillers and antibiotics for five days. I brought her home at 2.15am. The next day I took her to a private Orthopaedic surgeon who immediately put her arm in a cast and changed her medication. I have no faith in the NHS. We have cancelled the bequests of substantial amounts which we had made in our wills in favour of St Peters Hospital as we had previously been great supporters of the hospital. No more.

EVERYTHING. Exhibit kindness. Explain matters. Give information. See patients within the maximum of 4 hours or if not possible EXPLAIN.

5th February 2021
Response from St Peter's Hospital

This is upsetting to read. Please can you contact one of the matrons in the Emergency Department, so we can identify your wife and find out what happened. Alternatively through the PALS department.

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