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Written by a NHS patient
18th January 2022

On 25th. August 2021. I had a colonoscopy op. at Solihull Hospital. The pain was so intense I was unable to complete the procedure. During the procedure I begged for more sedation or pain relief, and was refused. The whole thing left me traumatised. Because of the incomplete outcome of the operation I have had to have the procedure done again. The mental aguish caused by the first op. made me panic whether I could do it again. Following weeks of sleepless nights , my husband reassured me that I could do it, so we researched all the medication that I could be allowed to help me get through it, and should I not be happy with the medication on the day I would not have to proceed. At the pre/op for the second colonoscopy the nurse was surprised that the surgeon who was in charge of the first colonoscopy, and the one who refused me any more sedation or pain relief, DID NOT GIVE ME ALL THE MEDICATION/SEDATION, AND NO MUSCLE RELAXANT I COULD OF HAD. The whole episode has left me wondering why someone who is in charge of your well being would subject you to such pain knowing that he could have prevented it.?? I think he needs a refresher course on how to look after a patient, and if he feels it a strain to do a good job and treat all patients with the respect they deserve, perhaps he should look at alternative forms of employment. There is a happy ending to my sad tale. This was given to me by all the staff in the colonoscopy department at GOOD HOPE HOSPITAL. They were fantastic. I CANNOT THANK THEM ENOUGH, when I voiced my concerns I was not dismissed, and made to feel that I was at fault , as the surgeon did at Solihull . I was reassured and shown all the medication I could receive and how the operation was going to go. I was given 50% of all available medication to start, then the second 50% when we were half way through the procedure, to help me through to the end.