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19th September 2023

I had to sit in an upright chair for 26 hours to wait to be seen by the consultant . There was no communication from the nurse about my progress within the system even though I regularly asked . My husband was told to leave along with anyone else who was not a patient and I had to ask another patient to walk me to the toilet as I was unstable. I have multiple sclerosis and sitting for all this time in an upright position caused me to develop a urine infection which I didn’t arrive with . This is completely unacceptable. There was a great shortage of nurses and doctors . Apparently they were short staffed . I will dread ever going there again , but I had no choice . There was a big family that arrived , and they were not told to leave like everyone else .

Suggested improvements
As above , a complete reversal of my experience would have made the whole situation manageable.

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Doctor communication
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