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11th May 2021

The problem was not with staffs. They were polite and respectful. However I believe spending over 9 hours for emergency day care is too long. The time I spent with Doctors, Nurses and other medical professionals while doing required test was not much at all. Nevertheless, the waiting time was too long. I was referred by 111 and I was given a number. However, I was told when I booked in at the hospital that they aren't using any number/ticket on thaf day. Ea Not knowing when I would be called meant I could not leave my seat. There were too many people with fewer seats available. I could not go for any meal for the 9 hours I spent in the hospital.

Inform patients of how long it will take to get do necessary rest and the waiting time for results. Using numbered tickets could help patients to determine how long before they are called and it will enable them to take necessary breaks for meal and other things t waiting in the queue for fear of not being there when their name is called.

Rating not given.
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