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Written by a patient
4th November 2019

1. Receptionists aren’t well trained at all. Front desk is way better than the ultra sound department. That department is awful - not just how you’re spoken to - but their open arguments in front of patients or how tense they feel on the day. 2. They work in a very disjointed manner - it’s frustrating. Nothing can get done unless they speak to their managers/other departments. You’ll be waiting forever for the basics to be covered. They’ll book you in as a new patient “by accident” when it’s your second time seeing the same consultant. So please double-check if you don’t want to be overcharged. 3. Their phone book is outdated. I’ve been given wrong numbers at least 3 times. Make sure you call whatever number they give to you, on the spot. Don’t leave the hospital until you’ve been given the right number. 4. They don’t listen - you’ll be interrupted constantly. Make sure your message lands. Make sure you remember who you speak to. 5. Everything was way more long-winded than it should’ve been. See it for yourself. But keep all of these points in mind.

12th November 2019
Response from New Victoria Hospital

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. We were very disappointed to read about your experience and would like to apologise. It is extremely unusual for the Hospital to receive this type of comment as we take great pride in our high standards of service and care. We have asked IWantGreatCare to contact you and request your permission for us to email you, as we would like to investigate this further.

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