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23rd July 2016
Written by a patient

Hi, I was admitted to HRI by emergency ambulance on Tuesday 19th July 2016 suffering from immense pain. The ambulance crew attending were simply brilliant. I was fast tracked though A&E and after blood tests I was prescribed anti-biotics for a urine infection then allowed home. Back home I immediately took two of the tablets thinking boy I'm glad that's over because the intense pain reduced me to a crying child. An hour or so later I started to feel the pain returning this quickly intensified until I was being violently sick and again doubled up in agony. Unsure what to do I asked my lovely wife Bron to dial 111; this added over half an hour to my agony and the service as far as I was concerned was an absolute waste of time; Bron is unable to drive and unwell herself but she was informed to get me to the A&E department; many thanks 111 for nothing and we'll never trouble you again. Bron now in a state of panic visited neighbours and our neighbour Terry was appalled when he saw the condition I was in he kindly drove us both to HRI A&E. Once again I was fast tracked through A&E; blood tests and X rays followed; I suggested to Bron and Terry that they could do nothing more for me and poor Bron was worn out so both returned home knowing I was being very well cared for. At around midnight I was admitted into a private room and by 1 am I had been set up with drip etc; finally after agonizing pain for the best part of 24 hours I was feeling a lot more comfortable. At around 4 am a young male doctor inserted a catheter and also hooked up a bile bag via a tube up my nose leading to my stomach; my stomach was cleared out. Although I was in hospital only three days I was treated like royalty by so many; everyone from the ambulance crew right up to Mr Dobbins were wonderful and couldn't have done better for me. I lost track of all the staff names who attended me taking blood pressure readings; blood samples injecting me with all sorts of things and at one point I remarked I had so much plastic sticking in me I felt like a Lego set? At around 3am on Thursday night the catheter and bile bag were removed and I was kindly asked if I would like biscuits and a cup of tea; boy would I; shortly I was then asked if I would like some toast; food has never ever tasted so good. I'm very sorry indeed I'm unable to thank each of you independently but I saw so many of you; two names I do recall one being Jo on nights who pampered after me and also Leslie the male nurse; what a delightful guy you are Leslie saying I was a pain in the rear end just because blood was pouring from my arm; Leslie you will never know just what a top guy you are and you helped me so much although to you it might have seemed nothing; a huge thank you to you Leslie and Jo and to everyone. The pain was related to an operation I had in 1982 for Crone's disease which occasionally flares up but this time it was severe. I think it lunacy to even think of closing HRI this being an immensely valuable asset to everyone in Huddersfield. To save money close the 111 service; no offence meant to 111 but the service failed me badly adding to my considerable pain and causing Bron distress. I tried to be a model patient knowing everyone was on my side with my interests at heart. I cannot fault any aspect of HRI and salute you all; thank you all so much. Colin Wood. Fenay Bridge.

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