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26th February 2021

I was on 3 wards. Assessment ward. Staff were amazing and so sensitive to just being admitted into hospital. A lady called Yvonne (don't know her surname) was absolutely fantastic. Big big shout out for her! and hope this feed back gets back to her. Moved to A5 - Different story. From someone who holds a senior managerial role; I was treated like I had suddenly lost my brain and treated and talked to like a child by two Junior Doctors. The two exceptions to this were Chloe Pressley, Cheryl (do not know her surname) and Christine Robinson. Amazing and treated me so well when I was so upset at being moved to this ward. Moved to C2 - A league of its own this ward. All of the staff treated me amazingly and could not do enough. Special recognition to Theresa Raynor, Donna Keep, Clare Wolverson and Lynne Botham-Waplington. This ward and the feel of it; so friendly, the staff so obliging and really try to help you be ok in an environment where half the time you are scared, lonely and feeling unsure. I left C2 feeling part of the furniture and I think the hospital should not only take this feedback via forms but also really listen to what patients are saying like ward C2 staff do! They never talk down to you, they never leave you upset and most of all they try and help you be comfortable at the most vulnerable time when youa re not well and missing home. I had to vast for 6 days in a 13 night stay and so glad I did. The breakfast is great and then it is all downhill from there! The food is absolutely awful for lunch and tea. The combinations also do not help. I had to eat due to my blood sugar levels but instead of eating the food I had food brought in from outside. The money being spent on food is just being wasted. Surely someone can look at this and start to really listen to the patients! Are these forms actually acted upon? Are the staff recognised who are doing such an amazing job and who are mentioned by name? Feedback needs acting upon or it is a waste of time.

Explaining to patients why you are doing something? Bloods are taken - the patient often does not know why? Why cant they be told? You are taken for scans but not told what they are looking for with the scan? You are given tests and just told the tests are negative but not told what the test was for. Treat us as the intelligent people we are and not like we have suddenly lost all our intelligence when we have walked through A&E.

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