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Written by a patient
24th April 2016

Firstly the meals are disgusting.Thats if there is any for you.Same thing on menu over and over again,I will never eat 'Italian mince' again.90% of the senior nursing staff are rude,lazy,bossy,uncaring,unwilling to listen(to patients or relatives) and in the wrong profession.They should come in as a patient sometime.However,95% of the Doctors are wonderful.They treat you better than the nurses,with more respect and most importantly they listen.If it where not for my Husband,insisting there was something really wrong with me I would be dead now,the nurse on duty saying I was 'a little sleepy today'!! The cleaners work so hard,the porters always try and cheer you up and the student nurses are much too put upon by more experienced nurses when they don't feel like doing something.If you have the chance to choose,don't come to Arrowe Park.Please.