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Written by a patient
17th March 2020

Have an excellent Dr Millar who referred me to Oxford Nuffield Orthopaedic hospital,was given an appointment and told he did not name surgeon who did previous ops. Rang WE Surgery for a ring back from Dr Millar ,was asked to explain my problem and was then told by whoever's I spoke to they would refer me,I was given an appointment for the 31 March at 1-30pm. I thought this was strange as the surgeon has appointments in the morning and operates in the afternoon. Only to be told later by a phone call from WE Surgery that they no longer would do my op,and would I like her to refer me to the RBH. After phoning the Nuffield hospital was I told it had gone to the wrong place Nuffield Clinic not the orthopedic department. This has caused delay and stress and am waiting for another appointment I should have been given what I asked for a phone back from DrMillar but obviously others thought they knew better. When you ring for an appointment,too many questionnaire asked about your health which I can understand if it's a emergency. What is wrong with me is supposed to be confidential between my doctor and myself.

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