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15th July 2021

I am totally and utterly disappointed with this practice and the so called econsult service. I tried making an appointment to see a GP and after having waited for 40 minutes on the phone was told that they couldnt make appointments and I had to ring back at 8.30am the next morning!! I then decided to contact econsult.... filled out the long form and answered many questions and gave as much detail as possible. I get a call this morning from one of the doctors, asking what was the problem!!!! Do the doctors actually read the forms that are sent on the econsult? I had to go through it all again, so what is the point of filling out the forms? I still couldnt get an appointment and was told to come into the surgery to pick up some forms to book a blood test!! Why cant I get an appointment with a GP to actually look at the problem rather than being told to go for a blood test without anyone actually looking and checking my problem?

Given me an appointment with a GP!!!!!!

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