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Written by a patient
7th December 2020

Have been a patient here for three years and used to be impressed until recently. This year some doctors have left and not been replaced so you have much more chance of getting a doctor you would rather not speak to now. In person appointments very rare, mainly telephone consultations (I do understand why). I have a breast lump, specified three doctors I felt able to discuss it with, didn't get any of them. Got an older male doctor and he didn't take me seriously at all, telling me it was 'probably an abscess'. I feel he was influenced by the fact that I am only 24 and have had abscesses on other parts of my body in the past. Never a breast one though. I don't see how he can make a judgement without seeing me in person or referring me to a hospital that can. Women constantly get told that breast lumps must be checked out, your GP can still see you even during COVID-19, well I tried that and got nowhere. Now I feel let down and frightened. all the other staff here are great but this one doctor has really upset me so I guess I'll have to change GP.

See people in person, don't use guesswork

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