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Written by a patient
8th June 2019

I was disappointed with one of the GPs who gave me the wrong instruction twice as to where and when I could drop a specimen off. I was made to feel and look like an idiot , first by the GP receptionist. She was kind off telling me off for bringing in the specimen on that day and there is no collection till the next working day. What was I supposed to do when that doctor told me to do so. The second time I was told to drop off the specimen at a hospital and / or GP hub. I double checked with the GP and he reassured me that they are open and accept specimen. The hospital was not opened and the GP hub does not accept specimen. It was a waste of my effort and time. The same GP asked if I am sleeping well. I replied no due to hot flushes and his reply was "try to sleep well". How ridiculous?. I never want to see this particular GP ever again.

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