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Written by a patient
14th November 2019

I think it is about time patients started giving DHC the credit they deserve. The Receptionists have a very difficult job constantly dealing with rude, aggressive and demanding patients. It is extremely unfair that patients take their frustration out on them just because they on the front line. I have only ever found them polite and friendly and happy to help. Maybe because I treat them with the respect they deserve and they respond to how they are spoken to?? I have also had dealings with the Acting Practice Manager recently and again found her professional, polite and very helpful. We are so lucky to have such brilliant, knowledgeable and caring Doctors and Nurses. The Paramedics are also a huge asset to the Surgery. Many surgeries are not so fortunate. Of course improvements can always be made in any surgery or organisation but I believe the staff of DHC strive very hard to do this despite all the negative comments. I would just like to say ‘keep up the good work’. Some of your patients really appreciate you!!

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