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Written by a carer
29th October 2012

Brand new surgery earlier this year. Very clean, large waiting area. Childrens playground immediately outside (useful as you will likely have to wait a very long time). One receptionist at the front - several more chatting and 'having a laugh' in the next room. The queue was immense - I was late for the appointment by the time the receptionist saw me, but had to wait nearly another hour anyway. The GP's have to come out into the waiting area to shout for patients - so old fashioned. No thought seems to have been put into making this an efficient practise - a basic self check in screen and automatic call up so the GP's don't have to walk backwards and forwards would help. My advice to anyone would be run and sign up at Bird in Eye Surgery in Uckfield - by far superior in the forward thinking nature and the absolute efficiency with which it's run - this surgery isn't even on the same page yet - such a shame with such a lovely building.

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Nursing staff
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