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Written by a carer
13th March 2020

I'm really upset that for the second time my elderly mother has been prescribed new medication which clashes with medication she is taking for other health problems (also prescribed by Steyning Health Centre). Fortunately she reads the information leaflets, but yet again she has had a wasted journey to the health centre and pharmacy and is now back in telephone triage waiting to find out whether she can have a prescription for something she can actually take. I know that appointment slots are short and doctors are under pressure, but sure it is basic good practice to review medical records for any incompatibility with existing prescriptions when prescribing new drugs? Failing to do this seems potentially quite dangerous and it is worrying to think that it is happening on a repeated basis at this surgery. I'm sure it must be difficult when people have multiple prescriptions, but I really hope it will be possible to do more to ensure prescribed medication is compatible in future, rather than relying on patients to identify any potential problems. Thank you.

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