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Written by a patient
26th October 2020

I tried to order my meds online, but I couldn't, so I telephoned the surgery on fri 23rd Oct, I was told I would have to call back on Monday, which I did @8am I was left waiting for 25 minutes and was told all appointments were taken, with another 40 calls waiting. They then said they would get a doctor to call me. I was called back quickly and the doctor said she would send over a prescription for cocodamol, plus 2 others. I had totally run out of cocodamol. My husband then drove to lloyds pharmacy to collect my meds. When he got,home, I opened the packet, and there was no cocodamol. I then telephoned lloyds to be told there was only 2 items requested. I then had to call the surgery again, I spoke to a prescriber, who said she would send it out again, for collection tomorrow, fingers crossed. I consider myself as a patient person. But this has been a very anxious 5 days. It just beggars belief that a person has to go through this, just for a prescription, and left with no painkillers.

Fill prescriptions when asked,. Do not leave patients without their meds. Cut down the lengthy automated reply. Make sure all meds prescribed by a doctor are fulfilled.

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