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Written by a patient
19th October 2019

Never been so bloody insulted!! I turned up 20 minutes early for an appointment that was booked two weeks ago, waited half an hour past my appointment time before asking if I had been missed out only to be told that the appointment was in their other building - first time this had been mentioned as when i booked in at the reception window I was told just to "take a seat". During the course of this second conversation I was told the person that should have been seeing me had gone home!! (nobody at any time spoke out to ask if i was there, and to tell me to cross to the second building!) I was also told (after having to confirm my name a number of times) that I had had my appointment - (to have blood taken for a series of tests) already - at which point I had to roll my sleeves up to prove there were no puncture marks, then, and this was when more insult was thrown, the receptionist asked if I had come with anyone else at which point i summoned my wife over, and she was asked to verify what I had said was correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now the next appointment is a further two weeks away again, good job i had n't had quite a serious illness (that's what the bloods were for), just a minute no - i Had!!! I asked to speak to the office manager, and was told that i couldn't because she was on her way home, yet I could see her, having to deal with another patient who had made a serious complaint, one of two more I overheard whilst I was sat waiting for an appointment, This is shoddy service at the extreme, and as another lady said on this forum, the one star is just to be allowed to submit the review, nothing else, I have only been at this practise two years but it has sunk to the lowest of lows in recent times, I even had my monthly medications stopped without consultation or warning some time ago, and some of these meds were items you could not just stop taking, that took two weeks and five phone calls just to get that sorted, worse than shocking. Modality and this practise in particular should be reported to a higher authority. Added 19/10/19 - It turned that having been told there was no one left that could take my 'bloods' I was contacted mid evening to be offered an appointment there and then, I was also advised that my records had in fact been accessed and marked as though the bloods were taken/ Which is very suspicious and i'm sure definitely incorrect, funnily enough I was not marked down as "did not attend" as I would have thought, even though I was sat in their waiting room. I was not the only person with a major complaint that evening, and I was only there 45 minutes or so.

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