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Written by a patient
20th March 2019

Been at this surgery for years, always had a good word for it, but since Modality took over it is awful, staff keep leaving, you cannot get through on the phone, emails and repeat prescriptions cannot be made anymore You are queing out of the door to ask for an appointment or collect a prescription because people cannot get through on the phone, or the comp log in tells you to get in the que because your not on the system. Patients are breaking down when they get to reception window, not only because waited so long, but upset, unwell and begging for help, for receptionist not able to book you in, or rude and unhelpful, yes its frustraiting for all, but there is NO compasion like there used to be. Most of the regular GPs have gone, and the ones still there you cannot get an appointment for as they goto other modality surgerys too. Many a locom Dr, so you never get the same one twice. Modality have killed this what was once a very good surgery. I need my meds, cannot send email for repeat why? i need to see a gp, cannot get through on phone, why? This needs sorting, its failing the NHS

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