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Written by a carer
17th June 2019

Twice while booking my husband an appointment , the staff have been rude , first time after trying to get through all day, they said he had to come and do himself at surgery, so he did after work , the manager did not get back to me and when she did was just as rude , said maybe my husband would like to change surgery, why should he as happy with the doctors, 2nd time went in to make him an appointment cause he was at work, they said cannot just walk in we have to ring , the lady rolled her eyes 3 times put her hand up and walked off , left a few calls but the manager said as i was not patient and our phone not registered as a patients, (my Husband is) she did not need to get back to me , i asked to go above her and she gave me a phone number that is just an answering machine , the manager spoke very down to me and had the odd laugh, i asked for cctv or recording of phone call , but no on both, Told me patients have to make their own appointments , never heard of this ever

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