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8th October 2021

I moved to the area last year and registered with this practice being it was my closest. I did my research and reviews were not great but thought you to give them a chance. Worse decision I could of done. This practice has to be the most unprofessional and disorganised doctors surgery I have ever used. The practice is so dated and looks like back in the 70s. Let’s start with my first experience - you can never get through. One day I attempted over 90+ times as it is constantly engaged. No function to hold or wait to be spoken to. When I found a lump in my breast I needed an urgent appointment. I had to plead with reception team to see me. Once seen they advised a 2 week urgent appointment would be arranged with the breast department. This never happened and they lost my referral 3 times!! I had to keep chasing. The GP also asked me to get a blood test arranged with reception when I came out of my appointment. The receptionist was due to go home and had her coat on. She shouted to someone and said can they deal with HER at reception!! I mean just so unprofessional. They have 2 practices over 2 sites. Constantly saying they have no doctors to cover. My opinion close one practice and put al resources into one.

All the above.

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