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16th October 2021

Used 2 mobiles on constant redial to get through to a queue. It took an eye watering 242 redials. Then waited another 25 minutes to talk to reception. On this occasion the Receptionist was polite. Previously they have been abrupt & rude. What has happened to this once great practice? In 18 months I've been allocated 3 different Doctors, this 1 is a Locum who works just 2 days a week. Family and friends are amazed when I speak about the poor service, they don't have these issues. If you are lucky enough to get an appointment be it on the phone, this can be in 3-6 weeks time! You have to practically beg to get a face to face appointment. The practice building is tired and dated. Things have to improve. Staff have to be more helpful. So disappointed in this practice ☹

Train receptionists properly so that phones are not only answered but they are also polite to the patients. Patient Access does not work as cannot order repeat prescriptions. Also their email service for repeats now is being checked & as its impossible to get through on the phone how do you expect patients to order their repeat prescriptions? Terrible.

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