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Written by a patient
18th September 2018

After moving to new Malden 6 months ago I needed to find my new GP. I went to ALL the clinic in New Malden and had an awful welcome. None of the receptionist where smiling or did not have the time to answer to any of my questions. simply because as they said they were to busy. I was speechless of such an awful welcomed. Then I tried the last one Roselawn Surgery, a family business. As I entered I was immediately welcomed with an amazing smiling by the 2 receptionists. They explained perfectly the process of registration and the good care that the Doctors are providing to each patient. I had my first checked with the nurse as lovely and professional as the receptionist. Due to a problem in the past and a low blood pressure she booked me an appointment with one of the doctor in the same afternoon and offer me a full check the same week as well as a quit smoking interview with a doctor. In the afternoon I saw the doctor that first looked at my medical history, then asked me questions about my health, life style etc. He was the FIRST Doctor after 4 years in the UK that actually listen to me and not on his computers. He was the first Doctor that prescribed a blood test for my symptoms and not telling me that I have to drink plenty of water like the others. I cannot only says how really pleased I was with the care I have been offered today. A big THANK YOU!

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