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Written by a patient
21st January 2015

Sadly I have a long term chronic illness but I have always found all the staff at PMG to be dedicated to helping me whenever needed. From the receptionsts, nurses, admin staff through to the GPs themselves are all great at their job. Wherever possible they try to get you to see your named GP, but if it's an emergency you can always see or speak to whoever is on call! Sure calling in at 8 am is not that easy (unless you have registered your online account whereby you can book your own appointment) you can expect to need to call 20-25 times before you get through! But we (patients) all complained so much when it was a 0844 number (which picked up immediately but put you on a queue) so they had to change it, you can't have it every way you want!! Thank you to all the staff at PMG, I couldn't recommend you more highly!

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