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Written by a patient
18th April 2019

After five years of having a heart attack I have refused blood tests and the doctor said that was fine. But again this year I received a letter about having a review and a blood test. I again refused the blood tests and did agree I would have a review with a doctor. But the rude receptionist (Tish) said oh no you have to have a review and blood tests with a nurse. Or you won’t get your repeat prescription. So I told the receptionist I would be stopping all my medication. Which is what I have. I have previously offered to sign a disclaimer to say I didn’t want blood test. I think it’s unfair that I don’t get a say in what I want. The reception staff was rude. Portcullis surgery do not ask me to contact the practice manager as a email was sent to her and she couldn’t even be bothered to reply along with another being sent to reception again no reply. I was on beta blockers and the nhs and British heart foundation say you have to be wean off these and not just stop them. Which was put into the email to the practice manager. No one from the surgery have been in contact about this. So where is portcullis surgery’s quality of care to patients here then??? I’m not refusing to see a doctor for a review but I am not having blood tests nor seeing a nurse

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