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Written by a patient
4th March 2019

I had recently moved to the area wanting to seek a caring, welcoming doctors surgery. However, my experience is the complete opposite. The receptionist are rude and ignorant, they do not allow you to make an appointment and require you to have a call back from a doctor, circumstances like mine I am unable to take phone calls during the day due to work, but shockingly this was ignored and no care was given. Once in an appointment with a doctor (maybe this was to do with my age) I was not taken seriously and every appointment I had I left extremely upset and unhappy with the treatment I have been given, perhaps discrimination. I was told it was anxiety and that it may be in my head, although I was the one suffering. I am left extremely upset and do not even want to step foot into another doctors because of how humiliating it was. Awful surgery and I am currently seeking a new surgery, one that will help with a ‘troubled young adult’.

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