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Written by a patient
1st February 2017

I have come out of penn surgery in tears , first time in years I've seen my doctor (Bush ) he was nothing but awfully felt like he moked me asked me what I wanted him to do ! He just dished out a prescription for symptoms without finding a course !! I have recently had a breakdown and was put on anti depressants as they are making me gain weight I asked for an alternative . He said "come of them them "! Even I no you are not meant to just stop taking them . He shrugged his shoulders and said u to you what sort do you want them. My other issue was I have had a migraine nose bleeds and upset stomach for a week so much so I have to lie in a dark room ( nose bleeds really concerns me) he again said "what do you want me to do? Absolutely heartbreaking to go to someone in confidence and makes you feel so deflated and basically scared to re turn . I am looking for a new practice.

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