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Written by a patient
13th May 2017

The doctors was closed over the easter holiday and I suffer from severe depression. I had ran out of anti depressants and couldn't have got any for a few days had I not got an emergency appointment at ANE. I explained to the receptionist about the situation as she saw that I hadn't had a prescription for two weeks (ane only prescribe 2 weeks worth of pills) to which she said, "You shouldn't have gone to ANE. Thats not what ANE is for really is it? ANE is for serious cases and emergencys, like broken legs" so I explained how badly I suffer and how crucial it is that I am consistant in taking my pills, to which she tutted, shook her head and said "thats just not right for you to do though as we then recieve complaints from ANE" Ok. First things first, this woman told me my mental health wasn't considered an emergency, can we consider that I could have been suicidal? A risky case of depression? And she told me I was in the wrong because they then get a complaint? Well thanks to ANE no one committed suicide that night or in nights to come. I believe it was completely out of order for her to deminish my case so thoughtlessly, and basically make me feel like my mental health isn't important or shouldn't be. I was shocked and in a state of disgrace afterwards. I hope some form of training is given to which the receptionists are told to leave the opinions to the professional doctors that us patients came to see. Absolutely awful.

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