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28th April 2022

Having lived in quite a few places during my 61 years of life, and being unfortunate enough to suffer more than my fair share of medical issues, I have wide experience of health centres and doctors' surgeries. But since moving to Grange-over-Sands during the Covid lockdown of early 2021, I have been blown away by the efficiency, friendliness and effectiveness of the Nutwood Medical Practice. Any medical issues raised via the AskMyGP app (or sometimes over the phone) are always responded to swiftly - sometimes within the hour, by a doctor, offering to see us, if necessary, the same day. In the case of my ageing mother, Dr Allan has twice dropped everything to visit her, even though I am quite sure that in other areas we would have had to wait days just to speak to a doctor on the phone. The Practice was open throughout the Covid crisis and whilst some aspects of healthcare were obviously restrictive, the staff never once let the crisis get in the way of needed healthcare (unlike the area from were we moved last year). In fact, the way that the Practice came together with local volunteers to handle the various waves of Covid vaccinations, such that elderly residents did not have to travel away from Grange, is worthy of particular praise. The Practice is fortunate to have a modern and spacious building to operate from, but it takes much more than bricks and mortar to provide good, clean, efficient healthcare services. Operationally, the Practice appears to be run like the most efficient of businesses, with the attitude and obviously good moral among the medical team and staff making what might otherwise be a stressful healthcare visit a pleasure in most instances. In an ideal world, all the UK's medical practices would be like Nutwood, but amid the chaos of poorly-managed doctors' surgeries experienced in person and anecdotally among friends and family elsewhere, I consider myself very fortunate to live within the catchment area of the Nutwood Medical Practice. Well done Team Nutwood :)

In an attempt at humour, I was going to say that it would be nice to have tea and biscuits served whilst in the waiting room, but then I realised that I have never had to wait long enough to be able to finish a cup of tea!

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