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Written by a patient
26th February 2020

I had one simple aim, to find out when the phlebotomist could take a blood sample. Patient access app and Web site had no information about blood testing, whether it was a service available or not and not even a search facility to ask a question, completely hopeless, so I tried phoning the surgery at 8:10 am and was 20th in the queue so decided to walk in and find out. The receptionist told me that they do not allow patients to make appointments for blood tests as the phlebotomist is not in all the time and told me the earliest appointment was in 7 days time, when I am abroad so not much help. If they can book appointments why on earth is it so different booking on line. Felt like I was just being fobbed off with a poor excuse. Much easier just to go and wait at the main hospital where at least you know you can go in and get a simple and short job done even if the wait may be slightly extended. Trying to use what should be the primary health access point has proved extremely frustrating.

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