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Written by a patient
6th September 2019

Since I moved to Canterbury a year ago I have been more than happy with the care I have received from Northgate Medical Practice. My expectations were low and I have been pleasantly supposed by a number of things such as:- 1) Urgent Care clinic 2) Range of services 3) Free parking 4) Actually having a named GP However there are improvements which can be made. Having been unwell for 10+ days I was desperately awaiting test results. I know that my test results would have been ready by 48 hours or the next working day if this period occurred out of hours. Unfortunately no one had read my results meaning I was still none the wiser, not getting better and potentially on the wrong treatment. In order to get my test results looked at, I was required to I access the urgent care clinic and queued from 07:35 in the morning. All this for a someone at the surgery to look at my test result which is a little disappointing. Once in my appointment the locum GP was absolutely fantastic! This may have been a one off experience regarding the follow up of test results but I would like to know which systems are in place to ensure that results are not missed and are acted upon timely. I work within healthcare and can navigate the system but others are less fortunate. Overall I am really happy with my surgery and I am sure being unwell for as long as I have has given me a bit of bias.

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