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Written by a patient
24th August 2020

I have found on a number of occasions that the reception team have made errors. This has led to unnecessary issues surrounding care. Having to re book appointments, turning up when not booked in, prescriptions not sent to pharmacies, having to repeat issues again and again on numerous phone calls. The reception team overall appear to let the whole surgery down. I would like to thank the Nurse Marney who had to deal with a reception error so that I could receive my B12 injection. I am proactive and resourceful given my background, but some patients will for varying reasons not have the knowledge or be able to cope with keep dealing with mistakes. I have been able to telephone and email the doctors which can be helpful with certain issues. This information would be useful regarding B12 injections and ongoing care for all patients with pernicious anaemia/symptomatic B12 deficiency (those with absorption issues) who are non diet related and cannot take oral supplements.

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