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Written by a patient
25th November 2020

I am very disappointed by the service i am receiving re; repeat prescriptions. I always put my prescriptions in on time, but i never receive them and it involves me going to Normans chemist at least twice in order to collect my prescriptions. Either they do not get the approval back within 3 days, or they are not sending them over - but what has upset me is, i have contacted the reception, to be told they had them and would be with the chemists - to then go over today and they still aren't there. I work and i can't just keep trailing over to chemists. I wasn't given any help, just talked over and told the doctors were busy (which i completely understand) I now will run out of medication today - even though i put in a repeat prescription on day 24 and i cannot get back to the chemists until Friday afternoon. I wanted to put a complaint in and was told to write a letter or do it online - but i cannot find an email or an online complaint form. I find the doctors / nurses i ever need to speak to very helpful and supportive - but this issue with prescriptions is very stressful and i found the receptionist unhelpful.

Prescriptions need to be picked up quicker and sent over in a morning - people work and we can't just go over late afternoon. Also, i have had issues every month with Normans and prescriptions - i often have to phone up the doctors to find out what is happening - i feel this needs looked into - why are prescriptions never ready? The last thing a person needs living with anxiety, is to run out of tablets when they have put their prescription in on time.

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