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Written by a patient
20th March 2019

I have being going there for years and i hated going to see Doctor Archer. I came in about 6 years ago and he accused me of faking it to get out of school because i was being 'bullied'. I didn't go back after that and then when i had a breakdown last year, i tried to get an appointment and they said i wasn't an urgent case and dismissed me making an appointment. I ended up going to Trafford General to be seen and they got me an appointment at the doctors on the same day. I ended up getting another doctor called Dr Megahead, i told him about my feelings and the way i was thinking. He put me on antidepressants and told me to come back a week later. I went back for my appointment, i had both Dr Archer and Dr Megahead and they got my off the antidepressants and said that 'kind words' will heal me. They didn't seem to care about my depression and looked at me like i was attention seeking. Ever since then i haven't been back and it's made me feel much worse that i didn't have the help i needed. I really don't recommend them as the doctors and staff are rude and make you feel uncomfortable.

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