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Written by a patient
24th May 2017

This review relates only to the new "mandatory" repeat prescription online system. I am reasonably web literate. The system is unduly complicated on first logging in. It took bout 2 minutes to beat the manual d.o.b. allocation, several years out, and to manually enter my d.o.b. It takes much longer than telephone ordering did. I am satisfied this new mandatory web ordering system will be beyond the level of those who are not "web savy", who have arthritis in their fingers, or who no longer have good eyesight. This problem will particularly impinge on the old and vulnerable and those who do not have home internet access. I know about repeat prescription ordering at three other surgeries. None has introduced a similar repeat prescription ordering restriction. Come 1st January are you setting up a taxi rank in the surgery carpark area for the elderly, the vulnerable and those without web access who cannot walk far, no longer drive and need a repeat prescription?

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