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13th July 2021

This gp practice don’t have any duty of care. Gp manager and receptionist over ridding decision of the doctors from the walking centre in crawley. After having bad side effect after my Covid vaccine GP declined to give me appointment and even phone consultation and duty doctor from walking centre request urgent blood test however receptionist and gp manager declined to give me even phone consultation and print the form for blood test to do in crawley hospital. I been assessed by doctor in walking centre and by 111 and urgent blood test been request by them this gp still declined to give me form for full blood test and also kidney and thyroid blood test. As been essential worker and face everyday Covid in my workplace face to face they still wasn’t helpful at all to give me appointment and support I need. That behaviour from receptionist and gp manager is disgracefull and disrespectful. I’m very disappointed and I hope one day guy you will face exactly the same situation as I believed in karma. I feel so sorry for you that you can’t recognise dangers of the side effect of Covid vaccine and you still refused to offer me help to print piece of paper to do my blood test. I feel so sorry for you and to be honest I think you need more training and understanding.

Give me appointment and understand dengerous situation of my side effect after Covid vaccine.

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